LOOBIT 284 mL (10 oz) precision pump


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33010 Loobit

User friendly, easy, clean application
Non flammable as a liquid
Non solvent
Non drying properties for superior lubrication
WHMIS/OSHA non-controlled
Environmentally friendly
Impervious to moisture, salt, most chemicals and gasses
Will not attract dust, dirt and abrasives
Dielectric strength to 34,000 volts
Effective to -50°C
Inverted spray valve (360°)
Withstands extreme pressures
Loobit is compatible with plastic/nylon, rubber, natural materials and all metal alloys
Will not cause static electricity
Compatible with I.W.R.C. and fibre core wire rope.

Loobit is a multi use, heavy-duty lubricant, formulated for use on rollers, drive chains, wire rope and cables, internal control cables, open gears, exposed bearings, load bearings, load bearing hinges and pivot points, mechanical controls and more. This superior long lasting lubricant leaves a clear protective film that is always active. Loobit has proven itself superior as a medium viscosity, clean, environmentally friendly wire rope dressing since its introduction more than 60 years ago. Loobit works so well because it lubricates and penetrates under high pressures and extreme fluctuations in temperature. The internal strands within wire rope are lubricated to the core where the lubrication and corrosion protection are required. Loobit displaces moisture. Creosote, asphalt and grease dressings sit on the surface and condensate moisture inside the core, which leads to corrosion, increased wear and shortened life expectancy. After application Loobit is almost invisible. A random cut cross section of a treated wire rope best exemplifies the advantages of Loobit, as it will reveal a wicking effect with penetration to the core. This benefits in corrosion protection and re-lubrication as the cable twists around pulleys and shives. Metal on metal wear is greatly reduced. Loobit works in the cable not on it. Loobit will not accumulate on cable supports and drive mechanisms.


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