Make Stuff Move

We have partnered with Make Stuff Move to bring a new exciting experiment to our customers homes. Make Stuff Move is a Canadian company based in Kawartha Lakes who’s motivation is to create a project that children and their parents can create and experiment with. BTW has chosen to support this business in their mission to provide a fun activity to all families surrounding our store.


The Included Arduino compatible controller is a board with our Animate Shield included. The board is preloaded with code therefore no coding or programming is required. The control board consists of 3 control knobs and 2 buttons. Also featured are easy connections and an RGB pixel. This combination functions as a controller allowing the user to record their actions and play it back on a loop to animate their builds. To add-on to this information the kit also includes a sound sensor that can be connected to make the build move and react to sound and music in the environment around it. A separate power bank is available to purchase in order to make the build mobile and be able to be recharged.

What Does it Do?

The kit includes 3 different lessons to teach kids how the pre programmed boards can make stuff move. The projects included in the kit are: Analog Meter, Inch Worm, and Flinger-Drummer. The starter kit includes a servo sock, Sock IO board, Animate Shield, Adjustable sound sensor, USB to DC Cord, USB C cable, Servo Extension Cables, Sensor hook-up cable, Tools,  build parts and a wood base to build the project on. Please view the video below to get an in depth explanation of how the kit works and what it can do.