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Sealink receptacle, 12 volt Rating  15A . Materials: Plastic parts are high-temperature, glass-filled nylon. Metal current carrying parts are .032″ copper alloy for maximum conductivity and nickel plated for maximum corrosion protection. Terminals: NEMA .250″ quick connect tabs. Mounting: Provision for two mounting means. Front mount—provided with mounting plate and black coated stainless steel #6 tapping screws. Rear mount—provided with non-metallic 1-1/8×16 UN locknut. Construction: Provided with plastic alloy cap to seal receptacle when not in use. Sealing ring on Marinco Sealink plug (cat. no. 12VPG) provides weather seal while in use. Receptacle provided with recesses to lock Marinco Sealink plug to prevent inadvertent disconnection; disengages when plug is rotated 30°.      MARINCO

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