Threadlocker Medium Strength Removable 10ml


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Ideal for fasteners 3/4″ or smaller • General purpose, medium strength, removable The solution to vibrational loosening. Loosening of fasteners creates warranty problems, reliability issues and unscheduled shutdown of equipment. Threadlockers completely fill in thread paths to eliminate the movements that cause parts to shake and vibrate loose. One drop prevents loosening and ensures a secure hold Pick the strength you need, to stop corrosion, seal threads, improve torque control, reduce galling, and minimize inventories Only cures in the absence of air (anaerobic) making cleanup of excess product easy Threadlockers can drive reliability up and costs down Threadlockers provide lubricity to achieve controlled torque during assembly and operation They hold critical clamp load pressures under the most severe environments   Size: 10ml/0.35oz

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