Super Degreaser/Cleaner HFE 450g


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We have reformulated our existing HFE blends with a newly developed solvent that allows us to maintain the cleaning power, non-flammability, non-conductivity, and environmental friendliness while dramatically reducing the cost. For removing flux, greases, oils, oxides, silicones, carbon, dirt, smoke film and grime, where a non-flammable, non-conductive solvent is required. Test for plastic compatibility before use. If sprayed too liberally, liquid left behind may separate and become flammable. Extra effective with the use of M.G. Cat.#’s 852 and 853 Hog Hair cleaning brushes. Replacing 141b was never so easy! Non flammable Non conductive Non corrosive Excellent Cleaning Strength Fast dry Leaves no residue Environmentally Friendly 100% Ozone safe Significantly lowers cost than standard HFE Blends Perfect replacement for 141B

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