Strain Relief Bushing, Round, .25-.291″ Wire Size ,10/pk


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Straight Through Strain Relief Bushing, Round, UL Wire Type: SVI SVT, Approx Wire Size: .25 – .291″, Mounting Hole: .452″,  Max Thicknes: .0625″     UL Listed; Sizes for most popular AC power cords. Recognized under Component Program of Underwriters’ Laboratories File No. E-10793. Certified by Canadian Standards Assoc. File No. LR-66162. This series of AC cord bushing provides the most accepted method of securing AC power cords at the point where they enter/exit the chassis or cabinet. These bushings are generally regarded as permanent and will prevent damage to the wire as well as securing the wire against any possible in-out motion. Select the type needed first by wire type and gauge and then the maximum panel thickness. In cases where the wire is a special, not listed in the chart, use the approximate wire size column. Molded of Nylon; the two pieces of these strain reliefs are permanently connected by an integral tether to prevent them from becoming separated.   10/ pack  Philmore

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