Roll-It Rubber Cleaner Rejuvenator 4 lt 52404


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Use for cleaning rollers in photocopiers, fax machines, laser and inkjet printers. Excellent for removing carbon and ink. Made of natural citrus and U.S.P. grade alcohol that will clean and preserve the hardened rubber and plastic rollers to original manufacturer’s specification.

•ROLL-IT is blended from the highest grade d-Limonene and USP anhydrous (medical grade alcohol). •ROLL-IT is designed to remove and clean ink, toner, dirt and debris from rollers. For use on Platens, Copiers, Facsimiles, Printers, Typewriters, VCR’s and Capstans. •ROLL-IT will not corrode rubber parts and quickly evaporates. •Not for use on some plastics. d-Limonene is derived from citrus peels and is a natural ink and grease cutter. d-Limonene is Flammable. 4litre/1gal Metal Can

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