Hook Up Wire, Irradiated PVC, 24AWG, 7054/19 White, 100ft


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24AWG HOOK-UP WIRE IRRADIATED PVC INSULATION 100′, White,  MIL-W-16878E TYPE B: 105C, 600 VOLT UL 1429, CSA: 80C, 150 VOLT SOLDER IRON RESISTANT Irradiated PVC Insulated Hook- Up Wire is exposed to controlled electron beam radiation which results in an Insulation far superior to ordinary PVC, withstands higher temperatures, resist solder iron heat, it is the ideal material to use where high reliability is essential and particularly valuable in the wiring of tight, high-density systems, also resulting in greatly improved abrasion and Cut-Through Resistance . CHARACTERISTICS Operating Temperature: -55C to 105C – MIL-W-16878E ,-55C to 80C – UL AWM 1429 Voltage Rating: 600 Volt (MIL), 150 Volt (UL, CSA) Product Description: Conductor: 19/36 Stranded Tinned Copper Insulation : Color-Coded, Irradiated PVC SPECIFICATIONS UL AWM Style 1429, CSA AWM I A/B FT1,MIL-W-16878E Type B