Desoldering Braid, Chem-Wik Rosin 0.050″ Width, Yellow 5 feet


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Chem-Wik® Rosin is especially designed for today’s heat sensitive electronic components.  The lighter mass, pure copper braid construction allows for better thermal conductivity, even at low temperatures.  Chem-Wik® Rosin responds as much as 50% faster than conventional desoldering braids.  This design minimizes overheating and requires less “contact” pressure for greater operator control.  All sizes are coated with a Type “R” organic flux system.


  • Requires little or no post solder cleaning, no corrosive residues
  • Optimized weave design for faster wicking and heat transfer
  • Halide free
  • Coated with ultra high purity, noncorrosive Type R rosin flux
  • Quickly and thoroughly removes solder
  • Fast wicking action protects components from harmful heat damage

Spool with 5 feet of 0.050″/1.3mm width – yellow label

*This length is no longer available


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