Bluetti AC300 with B300 Battery Module


AC300 and B300 External Battery Module

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BLUETTI Expandable Power Station

AC300 and B300 External Battery Module

3072Wh LiFePO4 61Ah 51 Volt Battery Backup

3000W Inverter (6000W Peak),

Six 20 amp and one 30 amp AC Outlets

Solar Generator For Home Backup, Vanlife, Emergency


BLUETTI AC300 & B300 is a 100% modular power system. One AC300 master module works with up to 4 B300 external battery packs(3,072Wh each) and expand the capacity from 3072Wh to 24576Wh with B300, fusion box pro (P030A), smart home panel.

3000W AC Inverter and LFP Cell – The strong 3000W AC inverter is built for high-load devices. You can also boost up to 6000W, 240V by connecting two sets AC300&B300 in series with the BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro (P030A). Superior LFP cell built in B300, you can use it even for a decade.

Fully Recharge in 1-1.5Hrs – BLUETTI AC300&B300(3072Wh) power system can be fully recharged in 1.5Hrs by 3000W AC charging(30A AC charging cable is required, farewell to the massive power supply), you can also juice up it in 1.5hrs by only the sunshine with a max of 2400W solar input.

Six 120V AC outputs can power most devices no more than 3000W, One NEMA TT 30A and one DC12V/30A are favored by RV dwellers; One DC24V/10A car output is perfect for 24V car refrigerator; and PD3.0 100W USB-C, USB, wireless charging pad serves as power backup for small loads.

You can monitor and control the AC300&B300 through Bluetooth or Wifi, you can check the power status, set the different UPS mode, and OTA upgrade the APP on your phone.

BLUETTI AC300 power station, B300 expansion module, Battery expansion cable, AC charging cable, Multi-functional dc charging cable, Car charging cable, Solar charging cable, User manual, 48-month warranty, and friendly local customer service.