8 Position Socket, 15a 250vac S2408CCT


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8 position socket, 15a 250vac, For use in cable-to-cable and cable-to-panel applications. medium duty., Plug prongs are .250″ (6.35mm) wide and .055″ (1.40mm) thick, Socket contacts have solder eyelet contacts of .093″ diameters, Polarized , sockets have recessed twin bellows.
•Cable clamps of zinc and clear irridite-plated steel are used for strain relief.
•Bifurcated bellows socket contact provides four individual flexing surfaces for maximum contact with the blade.
•Plugs and sockets have recessed pockets with barriers around the contacts shoulder extends around the face (mating) side of both plug and socket presenting a finished appearance when mounted in bracket or cap.   

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