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6 Conductor, 24AWG, 100′ COMMUNICATION & CONTROL MULTICONDUCTOR, FOIL/BRAID SHIELD FOAM POLYETHYLENE INSULATED/PVC JACKETED, LOW CAPACITANCE CABLE UL TYPE CM UL AWM STYLE 2919 CSA CMH FT1 300 VOLT 100 ft (30,5m) put-ups APPLICATIONS: „XEIA RS-232C Interface EIA RS-423 Interface CAD/CAM Applications CHARACTERISTICS Operating Temperature: „X-20¢XC to 80¢XC-AWM 75¢XC-CM Voltage Rating: „X300 Volt – CM „X30 Volt – AWM Color Description: „XJacket Color: Gray Product Description: „XConductor: Stranded Tinned Copper „XInsulation : Color-Coded Foam Polyethylene „XShield : Aluminum/Polyester, Foil Facing Out Plus Overall Braid of Tinned Copper (65% Covered) „XDrain Wire: 24 AWG, 7/32 Tinned Copper „XJacket: PVC SPECIFICATIONS „XUL Type CM „XUL AWM Style 2919 „XCSA PCC FT1, ALPHA WIRE