45a 600v General Purpose Fuse, Class K5 NOS-45


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Fuse – 45a 600vBasic protection 600V NOS Class K5 and H general purpose, non-current-limiting, one-time fuses. 

Features:  Protect lighting, heating and other circuits not subject to temporary surges and where available short-circuit currents are relatively low.  NOS one-time fuses do not have any appreciable degree of timedelay and thus should not be specified in circuits where large transients or motor overloads occur. Use Bussmann advanced protection FUSETRON™ LPS-R or ultimate protection Low-Peak™ LPS-RK dual-element, time-delay fuses.  For general purpose circuits, size at amp rating of circuit.  For motor circuits, size at 300% to 400% according to the NEC® motor ampacity tables 430.247 to 430.250, per 430.6(A)(1)





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