1a 600v Low Peak Class CC Fuse, Time-Delay LP-CC-1


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Fuse – 1a 600vac Low-Peak™ Class CC, Time-Delay, Size: 13⁄32″ x 1-1⁄2″ (10.3 x 38.1mm) with rejection tip,  Description: Ultimate protection Class CC current-limiting, time-delay fuses. Time-delay – 12 seconds (minimum) at 200% of rated current , 200kA interrupting rating complies with NEC® Section 110.9 for today’s large capacity systems.  Fast short-circuit protection and dual-element, time-delay performance provide ultimate protection. Reduces existing fuse inventory by up to 33% when upgrading to Low-Peak fuses. Consistent 2:1 ampacity ratios for all Low-Peak fuses make selective coordination easy. Current-limitation protects downstream components against damaging thermal and magnetic effects of short-circuit currents. A superior, all-purpose, space-saving branch circuit fuse that meets most protection requirements up to 30A. Can be used where either a time-delay or a fast-acting fuse is needed, making selection easier and reducing spare fuse inventories for substantial cost reduction


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